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A reproduction of Papyrus 9The H. Milton Haggard Center for New Testament Textual Studies (HCNTTS) is a research center devoted to the study of the Greek New Testament text. Founded in 1998, the Center has become one of the premier settings worldwide for studying the Greek New Testament text. Having created the world’s first comprehensive, searchable electronic database of variants in the entire Greek New Testament, the Center continues to develop scholars and tools to make New Testament manuscripts come to life. Learn more about us   »

Projects, training, and tools for every level

For Pastors & Teachers

Have you wondered what those footnotes in your Bible mean by “Other ancient manuscripts read…”? We’re developing tools and resources to help you understand the Biblical text you preach and teach.
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For Scholars & Students

We can help deepen your study of the Greek New Testament by teaching you to work with Greek manuscripts and providing access to comprehensive manuscript data through our tools and resources.
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A major manuscript collection & a dedicated library all set in a world-class study environment

A HCNTTS staff member examining a manuscriptThe Center houses a substantial and growing collection of Greek New Testament manuscripts in digital, facsimile, and microfilm formats. Current facilities include dedicated work stations, a study area, a reference library of major text-critical works, a microfilm reader-copier, and computers. We also have a massive electronic database of manuscript evidence and multiple electronic analysis tools. On-site personnel include an administrative assistant, researchers, project directors, and the director of the Center. Learn more »

Take your sabbatical here

The Center’s facilities are available to scholars on sabbatical leaves pending availability and the submission of a proposed study plan compatible with the Center’s purposes. Learn more »

Our staff makes it possible

Center Director, Bill WarrenIt takes highly skilled people to keep the Center on the cusp of NT textual research. Meet our staff »

The Center holds a collection of manuscript facsimiles.One of several papyrus reproductions designed and produced by the CenterA group of HCNTTS staff members works on manuscripts.The Hardin Building, where HCNTTS calls home.